Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brachy Chronicles 8.13.08

Should PSA tests be such a major factor in diagnosing prostate cancer?  The answer to that is a continuing discussion.

How about the effectiveness of radiation seed implants (Brachytherapy)?  Here're a couple of test results.  November, 2007, a PSA result of 4.7; August, 2008, a PSA result of 1.23--six months after brachytherapy.

We'll see.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Celebratory Wank


You're so easy.


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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brachy Chronicles 8.10.08--Whither Courage of Conviction?

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Well, Dear Gentle Reader(s), you might wish to skip this chapterette of the Brachy Chronicles; certainly TMI might well apply.

The 6-month mark post procedure is tomorrow, August 11.  There will be a PSA taken, and results will indicate a lessening of the PSA number (4.7 prior to seed implant), which will be good-ish or an increase in the PSA number which will not be good-ish; or even a static PSA number which will be whatever-ish.

There are other indications, however, which are additional to the physical effects of the seeds, which give one pause.  Primarily, the reference is to the 70th birthday in April.  A couple of relatively benign, but unsightly, developments in the male body become more apparent as said body accumulates time.

To wit: the scrotum tends to lose elasticity, especially the ability to contract.  It is unsightly and, juxtaposed with the slight swelling of various parts of the body associated with radiation, uncomfortable.  It is also without remedy. (Well, one supposes there is some sort of plastic surgery procedure, but Puhleez!)

What to do?

After much deliberation and experimentation with various supporting accessories, the decision was made to chuck all pretense and embrace geezerhood.  Bravo seersucker suits!  White shoes!  Snowy white long sleeved shirts--with muted bow ties!  And, most important of all--TA-DA!!--Old Spice after shave!!!

What could be more perfect?

Set off to accomplish the mission, DGR(s), and you will discover the fatal flaw in the perfect solution--the $9.99 cost of a bottle of Old Spice.  Alas, geezerhood is more expensive than one supposed.

What to do?  After long deliberation, it is decided, rather reluctantly, to embrace miserhood.  One needs no further preparation than one's current existence.  Further, it is easy to change one's conviction, especially when the financial cost is beneficial.

So much for conviction. 

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Whither logos? Quo verbum?

Just about the time, Dear Gentle Reader(s), one thinks monotheism is about the most illogical of religions, our brethren come through and discombobulate our thinking.

The New York Times reports today on unrest in Kashmir.  It seems the Hindus and Muslims are at loggerheads about Hindu access to a shrine:

The crisis centers on a Hindu shrine that, according to local legend, was discovered by a Muslim shepherd more than a century ago. The cave shrine, known as Amarnath and situated at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet, contains a stalagmite of ice that Hindus consider a representation of Shiva, one of their most important gods.

According to the report, 15 have already died,  and thousands of troops have been deployed to keep the peace.

"...a stalagmite of ice..."

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