Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who dat? (A plea to the Supreme Court (Republican) of the United States)


"Money is speech" is a concept with which I do not agree, but it is the law of the land, so there.

With this concept enshrined in law, a question arises of just who is doing the speaking and who is listening.

"Person(s) X (Y, Z) is (are) spending $125,000,000 to influence this election!" claims an email or two. Perhaps. But just where is that being spent?

Could it be that it is being spent here in the 45th District of California?  How do I know?  Someone's possibly speaking to me and if so, I don't know to whom the voice belongs. Americans for Apple Pie? The Century of America? Club for Stymied Growth?

Who runs these groups? Soros? Rove?

Who contributes those funds?

Someone's speaking to me, and I hear (metaphorically, because I read, realistically because I watch television and listen to the radio) the "voice," but I can't "see" who's doing the talking. I can't read the speaker's body language; I can't hear the nuances of the speaker's voice.  Who is this speaker?

Isn't there a word for people who hear strange voices?

Are we in danger of becoming schizophrenics?

Help us out, here, SC®OTUS.  Tell the speakers they have to identify themselves--openly, with exact spelling.

The cost of free $peach should be identification of the speaker.

Otherwise we are in danger of being turned into a nation of deafened citizens.

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