Saturday, May 20, 2006

Views of Paris, Chateaux, Churches, a Butt

From the Mona Lisa to Paul Bettany's butt, The Da Vinci Code is a feast for the eyes. What's not to like? A few pot shots at some of the woeful aspects of Christianity, an eerily effective use of grey memory figures and scenes, Paul Bettany's butt, a wonderfully landscaped church or two, Paul Bettany's butt, a few moments of Tom Hanks not-quite-getting-it-across in his final tete-a-tete with the leading lady, Sir Ian being charming as well as dastardly, as complete a showing of the Louvre's pyramid entrance, a few choice bets about current RCC hierarchical machinations, and you know what all make for a quick 2+ hours.

Critics who gave this movie a cool reception either see too many movies or have lost their sense of fun or forget it's only a movie.

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1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of butt for one movie. Will this film make the AFI's Top 100 Film Butts list?