Sunday, October 08, 2006

(un)Glad Tidings

OK. That title might be a little too arcane. Here's my thinking: As a proud liberal Democrat, I take some solace in anything which weakens the possibility of a continued Republican control of congress--the "Glad Tidings." As a concerned citizen of the United States who believes in openness, honesty, the democratic process, fair-play, and giving needed support to friends and colleagues, these tidings are somewhat not very happy for the body politic, ergo, un-glad.

The House page scandal is almost a textbook example of selfishness and cowardice and, and, and...

Joe Scarborough, who arrived in Congress with the 1994 Republican take over, says he knew all along that Foley is a gay man. At least three Republican congressmen knew Foley is gay and they had an inkling of his, um, follies. Foley's then-aide is gay; the recently resigned man in charge of the page program is gay. You would think, and for the most part be correct, that having a gay sexual orientation is a non-issue in the Republican party. Foley raised a lot of money; he voted with the party. He was an asset.

Since he was a valuable asset, why didn't those who knew of his eye for teens give him whatever support he needed to refrain from putting himself into compromising positions?

Instead of giving him the equivalent of a trip to the woodshed , they dithered; and Foley kept fooling himself as he fooled with others.

The Republicans who knew of this brewing trouble came close to perfidy to their party and to their colleague.

Friends don't let friends drive drunk, nor do they let friends be inappropriate with teenagers.

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  1. Finally. A liberal Democrat who makes a lot of sense. I just knew there had to be one out there.

    Although I consider myself a conservative, I just love your common sense.