Friday, January 26, 2007

Testosterone--the great equalizer?

The New York Times today (1/26/07) has an editorial ("More Willful Indifference") in which it wags a finger at the FBI's handling of early indications of Mark Foley's predilections for late teenagers.

A very interesting sentence reads, Now it turns out that the F.B.I. was just as phlegmatic about the scandal as Mr. Foley’s Republican colleagues.

Phlegmatic. That can be interpreted as "So?" Don't most men have an appreciative eye for young adults? My barber in Los Angeles once remarked, "School's starting up again soon, isn't it? I like the beginning of school. Lots of young stuff walking by."

Lesson: non-gays and gays share the same sex urgings. Urgings which are not acted upon are relatively normal among the male of the species.

An objective response between males to the appreciation of young adults is "So?"

One wonders, then, why the outrage at the Times.


To appropriate the slogan: We've come a long way, baby.

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