Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Insulting Islam or Insulting Islamists?

Wow! Does Gillian Gibbons have a story to tell! You remember her, she's the school teacher who was sentenced to jail for insulting Mohamed by allowing a class of elementary children to name a teddy bear "Mohamed."
Insulting the Prophet? Isn't it more logical to think that people were "insulted" because they perceived something about themselves in this brouhaha? That they were protecting themselves rather than the memory of the Prophet? That imams see even the slightest virtual questioning as a threat to their power--talk about hegemony!
And a caution flag for Westerners.
One might posit that the reaction in Khartoum was fueled by self-preservation and self-respect more so than by true religious fervor.
The title of the linked story is 'I got more of an adventure than I bargained for'.
In the vernacular of the nearby Valley, "Fer Shur."

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