Saturday, January 05, 2008

Brachy Chronicles 3--La Ronde(s)

The ads on television ("Gotta go!" "Getting up in the night") have a lot more meaning when one knows, really knows, the subject matter intimately.

When the problem is "double voiding," one eventually learns the steps of the danse pissoir. It's rather exclusive, so you might not, Dear Gentle Reader(s), know of its intricacies. Ergo, the lesson of the day:

What to do? What to do? The electric tingle has subsided, but it has not vanished. Should one stay? Should one leave? Should one hop on alternate feet? After a few years, one decides to acknowledge the lessening of the tingle to a vague, slightly, but only slightly, unpleasant reminder of pressing problems by taking a short walk then returning to give egress to the hydraulic pressure on the tingle's switch.

A close friend handles his dance step by waiting in place and humming a slow tune, which soothes the savage beast within, thereby allowing the hiatus to pass, which, in turn allows the tingle to pass.

Which, one might wonder, is the most efficient? One argument is that staying in place and marking time is an efficient use of body energy. Another argument is that the walk away allows another to step in and dance for a moment, with the proverbial wide stance, thereby making more efficient use of the context, or the ballroom, if one will.

Ah, la danse!

Il est heureusement; il est malheureusement. Mais, il est necessaire! Tant pis.

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