Thursday, April 17, 2008

Massive Misjudgment Echo?

Dear Gentle Reader(s), our favorite conservative, Andrew Sullivan, has penned a brief on his view of the problems facing America today.  You can catch the drift of it here.

As loyal reader(s) of these maunderings, you are well aware of this writer's unhappiness with Sullivan's treatment of Senator and President Clinton.  He freely, virtually with glee, uses many forms of hate in his writings of the Clintons.  One might, and often has, protested the word does not belong in a civil, public discussion of political ideas, but so far, to no avail.

In this particular piece, Sullivan is trying to account for his "own massive misjudgment over Iraq and near-disbelief at what has happened to limited government conservatism in the past decade."  That is to his credit. 

What is not to his credit is that the possibility never seems to occur to Sullivan that his perception of the Clintons is another "massive misjudgment." 

Think on't, Andrew.  Disagreeing with a political posture is one thing; hating is quite another.

Don't let, Mr. Sullivan, another massive misjudgment come back to nip at your posterior.  Take the high road.

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