Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Andrew’s Obsession

Poor Andrew Sullivan, he just can’t let go the bile his system holds for Senator Clinton.

Here’s Sullivan’s latest silliness as it appears in a discussion about Ms Kennedy’s interest in the New York senate seat which Mrs. Clinton will be vacating upon her move to the State Department:  “Clinton got her seat because of nepotism…”

Now, Dear Gentle Reader(s), well you might wonder about that.  Sullivan got it wrong.  Mrs. Clinton ran in the Democratic primaries; she ran against a Republican who tried mightily to run on resentment of the Clintons.  Mr. Lazio’s tactic didn’t work.  Mrs. Clinton worked hard on her campaign and won the race in 2000 handily.

That is not called nepotism; it’s called hard work. 

Mrs. Clinton had name recognition, but that could well have hurt as much as it helped.  Sullivan owes the Senator an apology, but there is serious doubt it will be forthcoming.

As to whether or not Ms Kennedy (Why isn’t anyone using her married name?  Did Mary Bono-Mack start something?  Or maybe Diane Feinstein?) should be appointed to the seat, it’s probably best to take Mr. Butler’s stance.  Remember, DGR(s)?  It starts, “Frankly, my dear…”


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