Thursday, December 10, 2009

Words, Words,Words 12/10/09

Ya gotta love ‘em, our idioms.  You can’t really turn off a light; you can move a switch to the off position.

“Pre-sale” by now is ubiquitous, although it’s nonsense.  There’s another one which is not quite so widespread, but only because, one supposes, there’s not that frequent an opportunity to use it.  Henry Chu of the Los Angeles Times delves into his easy phrases in “Epilogue to tale of novelist’s success” and trots out this curiosity:  “untimely death.”

Untimely death,” eh?

One wonders exactly what a timely death would be, and who would decide upon the timeliness of it.

At least it isn’t used quite as often as pre-sale.  It’s almost as much fun, though.

Just wonderin’.

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