Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl 44 (Who remembers Roman numerals?) Ads

The ads during the first half were better than the game; the 2nd half starts with a great two minutes. 
Kia ad strange. 
So far the Snickers,, and Doritos non-bark collar  are winners.  Ms Tebow looks a little brittle.
Vizio ad very interesting, if a bit scary.
Emerald snacks a bit cheesy.
Dante's Inferno game...why al the scifi?
Bud calf and colt ad cute; animals are always cute in the ads.
Denny's screaming chickens another strange one.  Funny...but...
3:24 to go and the Saints are leading.  Who woulda thunk?
Audi green police ad very good message.
Sir Charles, selling Taco, it pays.
Three things can happen with a pass, and two of them are bad.  the Colts just learned that lesson in spades.
Tim's Doritos ad very funny.  Looks like Doritos wins the Ad Super Bowl 44!
Bud's Book Club ad is funny...a bit demeaning, but funny.
Congrats, Saints.

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