Monday, June 21, 2010

Boom! Bust! Saving Grace…meh

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The series finale for Saving Grace was a partial disappointment. 

The whole Grace-as-off-the-tracks first part lacked sense.  All during the series Grace Hanadarko was her own person, in charge.  During the penultimate scenes she was acting out a moment in the life of the little girl who died under the wheels of Grace’s car, but whose death was the result of a series of normal activities, none of which could be assigned ultimate responsibility.  Yet Grace assumed the total burden to the point of virtual suicide.

What was that about?  If there was a rationale for the arc, writers, you didn’t get your point across very well.

The whole angel angle of the series was amusing and interesting.  It is, however, a lose-lose proposition.  The presence of angels is speculation.  And the presence of “evil” which bleeds and can be wiped out in an explosion is speculation to the nth degree.

At least we got to see Ken Johnson once more as a sweat (or baby oil) drenched lover.

(Corny saluting bit, too.)

Loved the series; not so much the finale.

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