Friday, January 07, 2011

This does not bode well

Alas, Dear Gentle Reader(s), we’re in a pickle.

Remember all those references to the Constitution by Republican candidates during the last election cycle?  Well, now we know why they talked about it so much.  They needed lessons.

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) stood in front of a television set at a fundraiser, when he should’ve been standing in the House of Representatives, and raised his hand when other members of the House, actually in the House at the time, were raising their hands and being sworn in as House members.  And there was another newly elected Republican representative at that fundraiser, Mike Fitzpatrick.  It was his fundraiser.

A virtual swearing in?

It’s going to be a very strange 2 years with these clowns in office. 

By the way, read the entire piece, and discover how Petey acted in violation of the Constitution on the second day of the House calendar.

Trust, but verify.  (Might be hard to do.)

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