Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sly Puss

It’s too good to let pass.

In writing about Topic X, authors often manage to slip in a little elbow about Topic Y to the ribs of the body politic; and those little nuggets should be identified and celebrated.

To wit:  In you will find an article by Glenn Greenwald discussing Iran as the source of some discomfort, alright—evil—and you will also find this:  “while the Face of American Meritocracy, NBC News‘ Luke Russert…”

Think about it. Meritocracy, rising on the merits of one’s efforts; and Luke Russert, elevated to a job with a major news organization upon the death of his father, Tim.

Also think about using upper case: Face of American Meritocracy.

Then dedicate an appreciative chuckle to Greenwald.

You’re welcome.

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