Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Does Dave read his own work?

Poor David Brooks. He tries so hard, yet so often shoots himself in the foot during the effort.

Take this quote from his column today:

[Obama’s] economic advisers have generally touted the benefits of globalization even as they worked to help those who are hurt by its downsides.

All of Brooks’ argument in this column can be refuted by taking the final two clauses of the quote as a basis for your argument’s construction.

The difference between the visions of capitalism of Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney which we see in today’s political arena is exactly that Mr. Obama is working to help those who are hurt by various policies which might or might not be necessary in a capitalistic system.

As Brooks writes, “[Romney’s] an efficiency expert.” He does best what is best for the business plans under which he works. His vision with Bain had not been broadened to include helping those who might fall to the dictates of a theory.

We live in a society with a social contract which demands we all take responsibility for our actions. Sometimes it means giving a helping hand to a person we knocked down.

Brooks knows that, and, in that quote, he inadvertently gives the strongest possible negative take on Romney he could have given. The question remains, Why didn’t Dave realize that when he published?

Trust, but verify.

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