Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Conundrum of "Submission"

If islam means submission, therein lies a linguistic problem for us.

Actually, in a religious sense, the word is superfluous. It is impossible to be anything other than submissive to whatever deity one might choose to acknowledge.

Is there anything the Artistotle/Aquinas Prime Mover set in motion against which one can be unsubmissive? Are creatures with lungs able to take water into their lungs and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen and survive? If one steps off a promontory, is one able to float or defy the laws of gravity?

The "submissive" has come to mean "submit" to a fellow human creature. In 2006 there is precious little Prime Mover in the meaning.

Surely that cannot be in the best interests of anyone, except the person holding the metaphorical knife.

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