Saturday, April 08, 2006

What's all the Judas fuss?

Even as a pre-teen at St. Anthony's Parochial School in Beaumont, Texas, it never made sense to me to heap derision on Judas Iscariot. If the Crucifixion were destined to occur, how could it not occur without the help of Judas, or some other person?

The whole brouhaha of competing gospels is the end product of having the "winner" write the history books in the first place.

Ultimately, none of it matters. Theology is an oxymoron; God is an anthropomorphic construction designed to assist in educating primitive peoples about how best to live in the environment in which they found themselves.

Some of the lessons still apply, especially the lesson basic to virtually all primitive religions: Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. (If you'll forgive a Christianized version; if not then: Whatever you do to others should be something you wouldn't mind having someone do to you.)

Beyond that, organized religion (Corporate Religion, as a brother calls it) is best as giving communities (communions) a breathing space (a place of rest and focus) in a very agitated species.

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