Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brachy Chronicles 8--Don't Strain!

Available literature about what to expect after this procedure is rife with references to incontinence. For that, one is well prepared.

There were absolutely no references to constipation, except for the stressed: "Don't strain!"

Seems simple enough? Well, here's the problem: There is a virtually constant message to the brain caused, one supposes, by swelling, that constipation is present; and that message is saying, "Do something about this now!"

"Don't strain!" "Fix this now!" Repeated sans cessation. Aaaaugh!

One is ready for the occasional unplanned drip, as well as a deep red ejaculate.

Perhaps one wasn't warned about the "Don't strain"/"Fix this now" dilemma because there isn't any way to prepare?

No. That doesn't compute. A little prior knowledge, even a hint, might be enough to prevent a 2 a.m. panic.

n.b. One gains a more complete understanding of the various pressure points endured by pregnant women. (Mom, I didn't know. Sorry.)

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