Monday, March 03, 2008

Brachy Chronicles 9--Laxatives, Metamucil, Suppositories, Oh, My!

Surely, Dear Gentle Reader(s), one hopes you never have to experience the "Don't Strain!" syndrome. Should it happen, though, there is good news.

From experience, one is able to say that a combination of suppositories and Metamucil will do nicely. As a matter of fact, the internal swelling seems to have reduced along with the regimen of bran flakes, bran drink, lots of cantaloupe, and, an occasional suppository.

The yuck factor might be high, but this is information which is not clearly available in post-op instructions. Would that it had been.

As a side note, should you ever have to have radiation seeds implanted, expect to note an occasional sensation of warmth. Doubtless that sensation is purely mental, but it's amusing to think that one feels the little buggers doing their job of burning away the bad cancer they do it without also burning away the good guys is unexplained--actually one suspects they simply burn away, willy-nilly, but what does one know?

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