Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boko Haram—More widespread than you’d think?

The phrase, Dear Gentle Reader(s), means, in effect, education is sinful.  Well, that’s one way to interpret it.  Go here for a more detailed and, probably, more accurate discussion.

It’s a name given to a particular Islamist cult in Africa currently wreaking havoc in Nigeria.

The cult is more interested in “Western” education, to be sure, but too many religionists are leery of modernizing education for their potential adherents.

In California, fundamentalist Christians helped to destroy a move for more creative thinking in the 1990s; in Afghanistan and Pakistan the Taliban and other Islamists destroy girls’ schools; text books from Saudi Arabia often seem lodged in the 7th century.

The war against terror won’t be won in the military battlefield; it needs must be won in the classroom.

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