Sunday, July 12, 2009


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A dilemma, Dear Gentle Reader(s) has descended.

It seems one was ensconced in a dentist’s chair, preparing for a routine replacement of a rather superficial filling (one not requiring extensive drilling) when one responded to a packing of string under the gum area with a wince.

“Too much pain?”

“Um, well, I feel it.”

“OK.  Let me give you another shot.”

“Thank you.”

Skip ahead four weeks.

“Explanation of Dental Benefits” from MetLife:  “For benefit determination purposes, procedure D9110 is not a covered dental expense since it is considered a part of procedure D23 91 and benefits are not separately payable for this procedure.”

“Hmmm,” one hmmms.  “What is D9110?  Dunno.  Let’s look.”  Referring to the procedure code at the top of the page, D9110 is…Wait for it…Emergency Relief of Pain.*

So one didn’t get enough “relief of pain” from the first shot, and the second shot cost $100!

Perhaps one ought to seek the services of a different dentist.


Too bad, though.  It was a pleasant 2 year relationship.

*Hence, ERP

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1 comment:

  1. They done you over, Mr. Higgins.
    Good riddance to that dentist!

    Stopping by to say hello.
    A hug and a smile.