Thursday, October 30, 2008

Words, Words, Words..."Faux" is the mot du jour

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George Will, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is not one of the most pleasant rightwing pundits for a progressive to read.  It's easy to think of him as supercilious. 

Today, however, in the pages of, Will presents an interesting article about the state of the Republican Party, circa 2008, which affords progressives an insight and perhaps some understanding of what they've seen coming out of the RP-2008. 

"Ah Hah!  So that's it.   It's a faux Republican Party!"

One agrees.  Hie thee thither, DGR(s).  You'll be educated and will enjoy "The Downfall of Faux Conservatism."  

(Reading the screeching in the comments section is fun, too)

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