Thursday, November 06, 2008

Governor Palin v neo-cons v RINOs

It's hard to believe, Dear Gentle Reader(s), that there is so much vitriol being hurled towards Governor Palin lately.

Frankly, it must be said loudly and often that Senator McCain and Senator McCain alone is responsible for Palin's disastrous debut on the national political stage.  He hadn't met her, she wasn't properly vetted, she was not ready for the job, and she's been treated shabbily lately.  He should be ashamed.

For the senator to choose an unprepared political tyro for the vice presidential nomination solely (sometimes the conventional wisdom is incorrect, but there's virtually no other rationale for her choice) to stir up the Republican base of evangelical Christianists was beneath contempt.

Presidential politics isn't, true, beanbag; but it doesn't have to be shooting a fish in a barrel, either.

Palin has energy which served her well on the stump.  If she were more seasoned in policies outside of Alaska and if she were a Democrat, it would be easy to see her in federal politics in the future.

Until then, people should back off.  While she bears some responsibility for accepting McCain's offer, it is McCain himself who bears the most responsibility.

Put him in the metaphorical barrel.

It's just logical.

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1 comment:

  1. No, this is more like an aerial wolf hunt.

    One wonders at the point of it all - what benefit and to whom? - while deriving a smidgen of guilty pleasure at seeing the Manolo on the other foot.