Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Justice, Alas

Dear Gentle Reader(s), there’s a teensy bit of evidence that the Bush II legacy has done more damage to the Justice Department than originally thought.

It’s a crisis of diminished confidence.

In today’s Los Angeles Times the lead editorial carries this title and subtitle:

Seeking Justice

Eric Holder has the credentials to be U.S. attorney general, but he may be seen as too close to President-elect Barack Obama.

Holder has the credentials, but is possibly too close to Mr. Obama?  How close is too close?  What was the relationship between John F and Robert Kennedy?  Was AG Kennedy deemed a failure in the job as is the case with Alberto Gonzales?

The Times editorial board worries that Holden’s association with the Obama campaign might make him someone who could “be caricatured as a presidential insider.”

If the Obama administration is to be careful of caricature, then we are in for a very long 4 years.

The Gonzales Justice Department, and, to a lesser extent, the John Ashcroft Justice Department, were anomalies.  The whole Bush presidency was, one is hopeful, an anomaly.  That said, there shouldn’t be an undue amount of caution in supporting a President’s choice for a cabinet member just because of fear of caricature.

Let’s all get a grip, DGR(s).  Our long winter of discontent is about to become a summer.

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