Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, Please!

It isn’t often, Dear Gentle Reader(s), that a liberal comes to the virtual assistance of Governor Palin, but it’s time.

This brouhaha about the press statement backdropped by a couple of turkeys being slaughtered is a lot of ado about not much.

One remembers, for instance, watching one’s mother grabbing a chicken by the head and then twirling it around until the neck was broken.  (Then one remembers pouring scalding water over the chicken to prepare the feathers for plucking—not to mention the subsequent gutting!)

One also remembers one’s mother being given the knife when one’s father and neighbors were preparing to slaughter a young pig.  One gains a certain respect for one’s mother who is capable of slicing open the neck of a pig, and placing a pan in the appropriate spot to catch the blood—to be used later in sausage.

A turkey being prepared for a Thanksgiving table?  Bring it on.  It’s the way of a carbon based world.

Go Sarah!

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