Monday, March 13, 2006

A Disappointment on a Beautiful Day

David Brooks did it again. He disappointed. His column of March 12, 2006, trashes Senator Clinton.

"News?" you think.
No, but disappointing nevertheless.

Here are some quotes: "Clinton, though, joined the ranks of the nakedly ambitious demagogues."
"All of these statements[about UAE port issue] were deliberately misleading, since there was never any question of ceding sovereignty or security. They played to the rawest form of xenophobia."

Republicans also "insisted," "charged," and "roared;" but only Clinton, Brooks seems to be saying, "... is happy to be a crude partisan, and egg on prejudice and paranoia."

What Mr. Brooks might be doing is warming up for the 2006 New York senatorial race. If so, his partisanship, never in doubt, is quite likely to emulate the swamp crud of his fellows over at the "F" network.

That would be a sad waste of a mind which at times indicates a judiciousness sorely lacking in "conservative" punditry.

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