Thursday, March 16, 2006

Round up the sheep

Brokeback Mountain is nearing the end of its run here in the Coachella Valley. As it did in most places, the film made an impact. There was a lot of discussion, and the contretemps over the merits of Crash as "best picture" will continue for a long time. Adherents of the values of both pictures will certainly not let the issue rest. (It's too much fun!)

While we're at it, there has been some punditry from some who say that The Passion of the Christ was "robbed" last year at the Oscars. They point out the fact that Gibson's paean to his father's brand of reactionary Catholicism (is that a touch of bias?) made much more money than Brokeback ever will.

Yes. The money factor, however, does not address the cinematic excellence factor. Stripped of the emotional content of the film's target audience--a sort of "faith based" constituency--The Passion is not very impressive as cinematic art.

Probably, though, Mr. Gibson wasn't concerned about art then, and he certainly isn't concerned about my opinion now.

Go figure.

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