Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ersatz Gays?

Over at Gay Patriot, there's s posting about favorite movie Westerns. (By the bye--Bruce, GayPatriot, says he has 3 "favorites." definition, isn't "favorite" limited to one?)

However, perusal of many entries indicates something which I have suspected for a while: the possibility of ersatz gays--some non-gay types posing as gays.

Evidence: not a single musical among the named (and one went so far as to write "James Dean's Giant" as though Hudson, Taylor, Stevens, et al., had nothing to do with it)!

So, visit them if you must (what a laugh--very few visits here to find out about visiting there [last count: 0]), but add Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Paint Your Wagon. The presence of musicals, then, makes the list officially "gay."

(By the way, I don't post this at GP; their sense of humor, y'know.)

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1 comment:

  1. Put Red Garters (1954 - Rosemary Clooney, Jack Carson, Gene Barry, etc.) on the list. It's not one of the great movie musicals, but it's got the Western theme.