Sunday, February 01, 2009


Here’s another bit of evidence in the B-16 (the Prada Pope) file for you, Dear Gentle Reader(s).  It comes from today’s print edition of the Los Angeles Times.

New bishop tied Katrina to sin
An Austrian pastor who has been quoted as saying Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for sin in New Orleans is being promoted to the rank of bishop.
The Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI had tapped the Rev. Gerhard Wagner, 54, to be auxiliary bishop in Linz, Austria. It did not mention the reported remarks about Katrina.

And it was just last week that Benny re-instated an excommunicated bishop who is a Holocaust denier.  What a guy.

John XXIII is twirling in his grave; Andrew Sullivan has one more obstacle to hurdle (he refuses to join the ranks of recovering Catholics).

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