Saturday, February 07, 2009

Salty Dog Courage

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Dear Gentle Reader(s), this posting probably wouldn’t be happening without the courage supplied by a salty dog.

The Phelps bong picture brouhaha is silly.

Smoking marijuana is a rite of passage observed by many and disregarded by many. 

One thing for sure, it is a font for hypocrisy.  The marijuana laws are silly and totally ineffective except for an excuse to jail some troublemakers.

Smoking marijuana is not a “gateway” to harsher drugs except for, possibly, people who are predisposed to harsher drugs anyway.

My experience with marijuana was that it made me far more cautious, and it slowed my reflexes down.  If driving, I’d stop for a stop sign a half block before I reached the corner.  I drove at 1/2 the speed limit.  I giggled a lot.  I had severe happenings of Attention Deficit Disorder—in the middle of passionate “making out,” I’d turn aside and snooze for a few minutes.  I ate cookies as if there were no tomorrow.

I grew out of the phase.



Yea, NOML!

(See what alcohol does to your logic?)

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1 comment:

  1. National Online Math League?

    Northern Ohio Moustache League?

    Oh! National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws!

    Right on. And what he said, er, wrote.