Wednesday, February 04, 2009

TWCable Lost Money?

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The New York Times reports this afternoon that Time Warner Cable announced it “lost $8.2 billion in the fourth quarter and would lay off 1,200 people.”


But, Dear Gentle Reader(s), TWC charges a lot of money for its services.  I have the stripped down digital card version (NO HBO, etc.), and my bill is $66.06. 

Remember those stories of creative accounting used in movie studios?

Just musin’.

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1 comment:

  1. My father had enough of cable charges and went back to the rabbit ears two years ago. He's purchased his converter box with the coupon and he's ready for the transition. He's not going to pay these cable companies anymore of his money. I admire him for this. He gets the basic channels and that is plenty for him.
    Here at home my husband can't do without it and we're down to the basic services too (No movie channels).
    Netflix is my vice. $10 dollars a month for about 8 movies a month.
    Hang in there or let go of the cable.
    Take care and stay dry.