Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brachytherapy 2.15.09 Dreamscape

There are a couple of physical side effects, Dear Gentle Reader(s), of Brachytherapy, which are rather indelicate, and which will not be addressed here.

A psychological side effect, among which there might be many, but hard to recognize in the general give and take of daily living in the human psyche, manifested itself last night in a dream.

The side effect manifested itself thus:  The dreamer is reading a letter to an advice column which included the fact that the letter writer was having trouble “sustaining genitalia.”

Now the libido of the brachytherapy patient is adversely affected by 1) radiation seeds killing off the bad, as well, presumably, some good, cells; 2) Flowmax and Finasteride contribute to this libidinous deterioration because of a particular major physical side effect.

What a surprise to discover that the sub consciousness is affected to the degree that diction—choice of word—is also thrown into some disarray. 

After all, how can one not sustain genitalia?  Even if you lop it off or plug it up, it’s there.  Isn’t it?  At least in the genetic make-up?

Such ponderous thoughts which visit in the wee hours of the morning.  

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